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Chat log reader Simple instrument for reading logs
Size: 93 KB
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Reader Read log Log Reader Read Log  
msn chat log viewer Click the tree on the left, then click the logger that you want to see.
Size: 128 KB
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Log Viewer log file viewer chat log log chat  
Run-Log: A Runner's Daily Log Manager Tracks and evaluates daily running distance and time.
Size: 5.47MB
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Handcrafted Log Homes and Log Cabin Screensaver Enjoy beautiful pictures of handcrafted log homes and log cabins built with full length natural, round log homes, handcrafted using techniques and traditions of Scandinavian log smiths.
Size: 6.59 MB
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log Log book call log audioscrobbler log log sender  
Dia-Log: A Diabetes Daily Log Manager Keep track of your daily insulin intake and glucose levels.
Size: 6.34MB
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compare daily intake daily calorie intake intake  
Microsoft Chat Unchecked Buffer in MSN Chat Control Can Lead to Code Execution Security update
Size: 85k
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security update  

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Chat Watch Network Edition Chat Watch Network Edition is a program that logs AOL Instant Messenger instant messages sent through your computer and your LAN
Size: 728 KB
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instant log chat watch instant messenger Chat Watch  
MessengerLog Pro Log everything from MSN Messenger secretly!
Size: 990 KB
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log messenger chat log conversation messenger recorder  
Chat Watch Professional Edition Chat Watch Professional Edition logs instant messages on today's most popular messaging software
Size: 6.2 MB
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log chat watch Chat Watch chat log message log chat logs  
MSN Spy Software Msn spy software record MSN chat conversation without logging in to MSN account.
Size: 771733
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chat log MSN add-on MSN MSN sniffer MSN Names Stealer  
MSN Merge A simple tool to merge MSN chat history
Size: 24 KB
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Merge Merger chat log Merge Cells log combiner  
Log Cleaner Log Cleaner will remove the control codes out of log files created by mIRC, and IRC Chat client
Size: 557K
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Remove log cleaner chat log log chat IRC log  

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Advanced Messenger Plus The main feature of this tool is it will automatically save your chat log and it has an explorer style Log Viewer to let you view your history chat log.
Size: 1262K
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log key MSN Messenger add-on Messenger Key msn log  
Spynet Chat (with Server) 0 users can switch rooms, send Private Messages, see who is online, view room lists, select chat characters, log chat, and even use IRC style commands such as /slap,/roll,/me,/yell,etc. Spynet Chat us...
Size: 746K
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chat tool chat translator chat Chat Capture internet chat  
Chat log reader Designed as a small and user-friendly piece of software, chat log reader can easily read the chat logs written by Entropia Universe. You can follow the conversations easier by using Chat log reader to...
Size: 93 KB
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Reader Read log Log Reader Read Log  
Messenger Detect And it supports upload chat log via FTP and email now. What's new in this version: Version 4.06 has updated WinPcap and fixed bug for uploading duplicate chat log files.
Size: 2.6 MB
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messenger detect detection Detect Virus aol chat  
Cleave nwStory is a generic name for a pair of utilities created as an aid to Neverwinter Nights adventurers in writing tales of their online exploits by making use of the NWN chat log. Cleave is a simple GU...
Size: 21 KB
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WAV split splitter gui chat WAV splitter split wav file  
YeeChat Free Video Chat Room You can access the video/text chat by clicking an icon on your desktop without visiting any website. You can enjoy free video/audio chat on YeeChat, which is a free high-load social network / chat web...
Size: 3.74 MB
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